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04 November 2005 @ 05:46 pm
Thank you, docladyblade!  
Just reposting at the urging of docladyblade and thanks for the attention you brought to my grammer mistakes. You would think that a grad student would know this.


Downward Spiral
Author: just_frak_it/Annika
Rating: PG-13
Date: October 27th, 2005
Characters: Cain/OC/Adama
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not mine. I am just playing in Ron Moore's sandbox.
Summary: Flashback. Cain gets righteously *pissed* off at a privateer by the name of Siona Calleros.
Author's Notes: I am going to see just how well this little piece does then I might try my hand at some BSG fiction. Just note, I think there is more to Cain than just the *bitch* and the woman that we see in Pegasus. This is set before she takes command of the Pegasus - she is the XO of the Peggy. I see Cain as being a military career woman and devotes her life to the fleet. Sound familiar? But after the Holocaust....she starts to lose her humanity in the struggle for survival. Anyways feedback would be great and so would grammar corrections!

Colonel Nelena Cain climbed through rubble-strewn staircase, ignoring the labored breathing of whom ever was trying to catch up with her. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered. She vaulted up the stairs, occasionally brushing past an occasional soldier; stepping through puddles of human blood. Her uninjured eye glowed like molten steel.

"Hey, Cain......" Major Tomas Mikleine started only to have been brushed aside as if he hadn't spoken. There was no expression at all on her face, but the left side of her mouth twitched violently. Cursing, he screamed...."Cain!" and tried to grasp her arm and she looked at him at last.

"Get out of my way, Mik." Each word was precisely formed despite her crippled mouth. "Find every one of our people and get them out of here."


"You have your orders, Major," Cain said in that same, chilled-steel tone, and twisted out of his grasp and started up the corridor once more. Mik stared after her helplessly, biting his lip. He had heard about the discoveries that had been made. He didn't want to believe that at first - hadn't wanted to believe. Then the medical team had carried Lt. Dan’an’s stretcher past him. Captain Mikleine certainly believed in that instant and his rage dwarfed his comrades. He had known Elora Dan'an well. Very well, indeed.

But Cain said that she wanted to be alone. She'd ordered everyone to leave her alone. But He had seen her face. Cain turned the bend in the pass and the decision was made. Throwing down his rifle, he hurried after her.

Cain didn't look up when she reached the Marines in the passage. She just strode straight ahead, and they scattered like frightened sheep. A squad started to fall in around her, but Cain waved them back with a savage chop of her hand and kept walking. Entering the open room, a voice called for her from behind. It was distant and unreal, immaterial, and Cain ignored it.

A Marine saluted, then flinched back from her in shock, and she went past him as if he didn't exist. Her eyes swept through the lines of captives, searching for the face she sought and found it. Siona Calleros looked up as she felt the waves of Cain’s hateful wrath upon her and paled. Cain strode towards her, shoving people out of the way, and the voice called her name again. Even louder as the owner pushed through the crowd.

Siona tried to twist away, but Cain's hand twisted in her hair and she cried out in agony as she slammed her head back against the wall. Her mouth worked, gobbling words she didn't bother to hear. Her fingers tightened against the slender swell of Siona's neck, ready to snap the privateer in half...

Someone's hand locked upon her forearm, shoving frantically.....but Cain wrenched at the hand upon her with the free one. Attempting to throw whatever or whomever was on her off. But they clung desperately and shouted into her ear. More voices shouted and more hands joined the ones on her arms, dragging her back from Siona who sagged to her knees, retching and weeping in terror. Nelena Cain fought against them all but could not wrench free. She went down to her own knees as someone pulled her arms behind her back and locked them in place with their weight.

"Cain!! Nelena, you can't!" Mik half sobbed and held her face between his hands while tears ran down his cheeks. "Please, Nel......you can't.....not this..."

She stared at Mik, her detached mind wondering. He shook her gently.

"Please....you can't....no matter how much she deserves it...."

"Major Mikleine is correct, Colonel. You can't." A voice like frozen helium said, and a trace of sanity came back into her expression as she saw the Commander of the Galactica. "I came as soon as I heard...." he spoke slowly, sensing the need to break through to Cain. Adama stared down into her eyes and something inside of Cain eased when she saw the agony and the shame - and the fury - in his soul.

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Sandy (aka DeeRich): workingdocladyblade on November 4th, 2005 05:55 pm (UTC)
Now write more!! HEE! I like this!

BTW, don't count on me too much to correct your grammar, I'm a doctor. X^P